AmAZiNG WiLLY is a redesign of Matthew Smith's classic ZX Spectrum game,

created by Carl Paterson (CnP Projectz).


Carl created the game using Jet Set Willy Editor v. 2.3.7 by John Elliott, between 2018 and 2022.

The game was released, after some postproduction by Daniel Gromann, in October 2022.


AmAZiNG WiLLY features:

- 59 completely redesigned rooms;

- A fairly familiar map layout, which nevertheless surprises with brand-new, atmospheric screens and many exciting challenges;

- New and modified guardian sprites;

- 256 items to collect;

- A moderate level of difficulty;

- A richness of music incomparable to any previous release: a brand-new title-screen tune and more than a dozen in-game tunes, most of them twice as long as the original one;

- A custom-made title screen, custom font and other enhancements;

- A toilet run like you’ve never seen before!


Download, enjoy and share!

Download "AmAZiNG WiLLY"

(46 Kb)

(The ZIP package includes the game in TAP and TZX formats, the Readme and info about the game's credits.)


Please visit also the game's page on JSW Central.



Please, let us know you have played AmAZiNG WiLLY!

Share any comments you may have, or just drop us an e-mail to let us know you have played the

game, without any specific observations. The biggest gratification and encouragement

for anyone designing free games is to know that someone else has played them!


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