Jet Set Emily: Baby on the Go


Jet Set Emily: Baby on the Go is Steve Worek's redesign of Matthew Smith's classic

ZX Spectrum game.

The first edition of the game was released by Steve Worek in 2002.

After Steve Worek declared the game abandonware in March 2006,

Daniel Gromann volunteered to continue the work

and add some finishing touches to the game. He did this with Steve's kind permission,

enhancing the game with J. G. Harston's extension allowing more than 64 rooms

and adding modified versions of several rooms designed by Zoran Miladinov.

The result is the "Final 2006 Edition" of the game.


The ZIP file for download below contains the Original Edition created by Steve in 2002,

the Special Edition created by Steve in 2004 and released in early 2005

and the Final Edition prepared by Daniel and released in 2006

(the final bug-fixed version was released in February 2007).

Jet Set Emily: Baby on the Go is FREEWARE.

Download, enjoy and share!

Download "Jet Set Emily: Baby on the Go"

(1,08 Mb)

(the ZIP package includes all three editions of the game, historical development files, Read-me text files, a text-based map in PDF format and a low-quality version of "The Quirky Spoiler" document)

Download a high-quality version of "The Quirky Spoiler" (1,03 Mb)


You can also download a complete RZX walkthrough of the game

or watch a video of it on YouTube.



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