Willy’s New Mansion 

(Original Edition)

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The room order below is roughly sequential, but it is not a suggestion of how the game should be played. The room numbers have no particular meaning.

01 The Front Door

33 Above the West Wing Bedroom

02 The Anteroom

34 The Forgotten Tower

03 West Stairway

35 The Changing Room

04 Main Hallway West

36 The Volleyball Court

05 Main Hallway East

37 The Gym (Hurdle Practice)

06 The Dining Hall

38 The Olympic Swimming Pool

07 JSW's 20th Anniversary Party

39 Above the Front Door

08 Altar to a Well-Known God

40 A Bit of Fresh Air

09 Willy's Private Fort Knox

41 The Studio

10 Altar to an Unknown God

42 The Cinema

11 East Stairway

43 The Reading Room

12 Entrance to the Cellar

44 On the Sun Deck

13 The Cellar

45 Internet Cafe

14 Abandoned Subterranean Passage

46 Math Lab

15 Entrance to the Caves

47 The Multi-Toilet Bathroom

16 Above the Abyss

48 The Cosy Upstairs Bedroom

17 The Great Descent

49 A Room with a View

18 Into the Abyss

50 The Writetyping Office

19 Gateway to the Unknown

51 The Hypnotherapy Room

20 Rocky Road to Double Inn

52 Out on the Balcony

21 Double Inn

53 Jump 'n' Jive

22 Cavernous Crossroads

54 Dynamite Dan would love this

23 The Mammoth Cave

55 Copin' with Ropin'

24 The Single Item Cave

56 The Observatory

25 The Back Door

57 Willy's Personal Hideout

26 The Meadow

58 Upper Balcony

27 The Underground Pantry

59 Emergency Exit on the Roof

28 The River of No Return

60 Entomological Research Station

29 At the Edge of the Forest

61 Up on the Roof

30 In the Forest

62 Stairway (Starryway) to Heaven

31 In the Backwoods

63 Willy's Problematic Heaven

32 West Wing Bedroom

64 Primum Non Nocere

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