Jet Set Willy: Mind Control


Jet Set Willy: Mind Control is a redesign of Matthew Smith's classic

 ZX Spectrum game.

It was created in 2005 by Daniel Gromann and Sendy (Alex Cornhill),

using Jet Set Willy Editor v. 2.2.3 and the JSW128 game engine, both by John Elliott.

The game contains two rooms by Zoran Miladinov

and redesigns of two rooms by Richard Hallas,

and sprites designed by Matthew Smith, Darren McCowan, Hervé Ast,

Zoran Miladinov, Michael Blanke and Arno Gitz, Adam Britton, Richard Hallas,

Greg Heslington and Andrew Broad, plus by Sendy and Daniel.

Some design patterns and graphical elements were copied from games by Andrew Broad,

Stuart J. Hill and Adam Britton.

The title-screen music was programmed by Ian Collier, and the in-game music by John Elliott.

The title screen was designed by Zoran Miladinov.

Please see the text file accompanying the game for detailed acknowledgements,

credits and all other pertinent information.


See also "The Solution" text file for an optimal route to complete the game

as well as detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish it.

The text-based map in PDF format should also be helpful in completing the game.

Jet Set Willy: Mind Control is FREEWARE.

Download, enjoy and share!

Download "JSW: Mind Control"

(636 Kb)


A walkthrough of the game on the JSW Central YouTube channel


Please visit also the game's page on JSW Central.



Please, let us know you have played Jet Set Willy: Mind Control! Share any

comments you may have, or just drop us an e-mail to let us know you have played the

game, without any specific observations. The biggest gratification and encouragement

for anyone designing free games is to know that someone else has played them!

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